Motion and Fast Shutter Speeds

Motion – Freezing and Blurring
Using fast shutter speeds and Intentional Camera Movement, ICM

Fast shutter Speed: using a fast shutter speed you gain more ability to freeze the motion in your scene – when the shutter is open for a very short time a moving subject will be frozen. When the shutter is open for a longer time a moving subject will be blurred.

Blur: You may want to blur motion to reveal the action of a scene or choose to blur elements in an image for more creative effect. Intentional blur allows you to add a level of abstraction to your image.

Intentional Camera Movement, ICM
In intentional camera movement, a camera is moved during the exposure for a creative or artistic effect.

Exposure Triangle

This week the predominant light conditions have been very low and this has made using fast shutter speeds more difficult. To compensate I used a low aperture number and a high ISO number for the fast shutter speed shots. For some shots I needed to adjust the exposure later using ‘Lightroom’ tools

Where you need to balance motion-stopping power with depth of field and overall illumination both shutter speed and aperture can be adjusted by the same amount in opposite directions – the two values have a reciprocal relationship.


Shots where the shutter speed intentionally shows the movement of the subject

Shots of moving subjects were the movement of the subject has been frozen using a faster shutter speed

Windmill: Still, moving on slower  shutter speed and frozen on fast shutter speed


Shots using ICM, intentional camera movement.

Photographer Chris Friel creates artistic landscapes using intentional camera movement

Additional examples of using a faster shutter speed on a brighter day – so low ISO as well




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