Natural and Man Made – final selection

After exploring initial ideas and themes, as exemplified in blog posts ‘Natural / Man Made – Exploring Ideas’  and ‘What makes a good Photograph’ I printed off two sets of photographs ‘Ancient Pathways’ and ‘Reclamation’.

As a group we used the photographs to make the Editors  Edit to find the best theme, the best five shots and the best sequence.  It was difficult to select the final theme from the themes explored.

‘Reclamation’ was the final choice in the following sequence.



The pictures capture subjects man made from natural materials, stone, wood and iron,  with nature in some way reclaiming them. The sequence reflects the lines in the photographs for a natural flow from one to the other. It may have worked better if the final photograph was angled inwards to draw the eye back in.

There is a kind of  alternation of stone and wood linked by the plants.  Four photographs are linked by light and shadows. Three are at similar angles. Maybe the sequence could be improved by removing the wheel spokes shot and replacing with a photograph with an opposing angle and including light and shadow.

I think it would have helped if I had set out with a clearer brief in my mind, even though I knew  I was looking for nature reclaiming, and considered the elements of showcasing and display at the point of capturing the shots.

In creating all my blogs I have had to use the skills of the Photographers Edit, the Editors Edit and Sequencing to achieve best effect.


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