What makes a good photograph ?

What makes a good photograph or group of photographs ?

Should photographs start with some intention?

In choosing photographs to be part of a themed group – are they linked by both context and style?

Picture editors for publications, exhibition curators and judges of photograph exhibitions have different procedures and priorities. A photograph can be ‘good on visual grounds without an important subject and a photograph can be ‘good’  without being clear and readable  – ambiguous ?

Key things to think about:

  1. Is it Eye Catching – not necessarily dramatic – it could involve extreme simplicity
  2. Is it Imaginative and Different
  3. Does it have a Distinctive Style
  4. How well does it ‘Read’
  5. Is the subject important
  6. Did the photographer make a clear effort
  7. Does it have Emotional Impact
  8. Is there an Idea behind the picture

The art of selecting. It is a skilled task requiring an objective eye to find the best images out of many.

The Photographers Edit: part of the process of capturing and processing the images, being your own critic, being able to stand back, trying to view your images dispassionately. Every image has to be strong.
The Editors Edit: a more editorial view, thinking without ego and less kindness, thinking  how they are going to be used, do they fit the brief, how will I sequence them?

Sequencing: finding a way to sequence the photographs so that they flow naturally from one to another and have some connection: so there’s rhythm and pacing and varying image qualities – so there is a balance between variety and continuity and connection. The sequence looks like it comes from the same place – not literally – yet has a changing visual rhythm.

Collections waiting for the Editors Edit 

Ancient Pathways


Coastal Paths – Italy 


Silver Birches 



Richmond Park Evening 


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